Top reasons we offer pharmacy delivery services

October 3, 2023

Modern times have us accustomed to getting everything delivered right to our homes. In an effort to steer clear of crowds and limit contact with others, the last few years have seen exponential growth in home and pharmacy delivery services. Almost half of Canadians continue to have their groceries delivered even without health restrictions in place.  

What about medications? Here are 5 reasons why we offer medication delivery as part of our commitment to go the extra mile for our patients.

  1. Convenience: The main reason the population has grown accustomed to any type of delivery service is convenience. Schedules are busy, traffic is congested and time is a luxury. This is even more crucial when you are unwell or have mobility issues. Take away the stress of having to physically pick up your prescription by having your pharmacy deliver it right to your door.
  2. Cost savings: It may not feel obvious, but having your prescription delivered can save you money. Leaving work early and cost of gas or transit can add up, especially when you have to work with a pharmacy outside your neighbourhood for specialized services like compounding. In most instances, Pace is able to ship your medications for free* so just ask!
  3. Don’t miss a dose: Did you know that 25% of Canadians admit to not filling prescriptions or taking them less often than prescribed? Skipping doses and not adhering to your medication schedule can have many adverse effects, such as worsening of chronic conditions or even more frequent hospitalizations. Having your pharmacy deliver medications ensures that there are fewer barriers to having your prescriptions when you need them. 
  4. Get your medications home safely: Pharmacies know how to handle prescriptions safely. If your medication requires certain conditions like refrigeration, we can arrange for it to arrive under optimal conditions. Make sure your delicate and sensitive medications are not being compromised in a hot delivery vehicle or that you’re not having to stash them in the communal fridge at work all day.
  5. Enhanced privacy: If you feel uncomfortable picking up sensitive prescriptions, pharmacy delivery services ensure that you don’t run into the nosy neighbour while talking to your pharmacist. Let Pace Pharmacy deliver it to your door and leave it at that.

Connection with our patients is important. Even with prescription deliveries, we consult with patients by phone to ensure we work with you to stay on top of your health and answer any questions. Contact us today to find out how our pharmacy delivery services can contribute specifically to your health and well-being.