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Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy for Pets

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Our professionals can tailor a doses flavour and size to appeal to a myriad of animal species; from liver-flavoured dog or cat chews to wound care for exotics and zoo animals. Further, with a decline in available veterinary drug products, veterinarians may have limited treatment options for the animals in their care. Pace Pharmacy can expand a vets prescribing options by compounding drugs that are no longer commercially available in strengths and dosage forms that help meet the needs of veterinarians and their clients. Below is a brief list of areas of veterinary care that we can compound prescriptions for.

  • Anti-Infective Agents
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Cardiovascular/Hypertension
  • Dermatologic
  • Therapy
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Pain Management
  • Poisoning/Toxicosis
  • Seizure Control
  • Urologic Issues
  • Wound Care

How Our Pharmacists Help Our Pet-Patients

Our specialty service should not be viewed as competition with local veterinarians; rather, compounding allows veterinarians to broaden their prescribing abilities and to offer [dosage] forms that are patient-specific in strength and formulation. Therefore, the goal of compounding for the veterinary patient is to enhance the veterinarian’s ability to treat patients in a more effective and efficient manner.

“Compounding can make medicating animals easier if the pharmacist prepares flavored chews that animals accept readily. For example, tranquilizing a feral cat with a liver-flavored chew eliminates the possibility of over- or underdosing. If a chew contains 10mg acepromazine and the dose fails to gain a response, a second flavored chew can be given to the animal. Furthermore, the amount of medication incorporated into the chews, capsules, [topical or transdermal], or liquid preparations can be formulated to the specific request of the veterinarian, thereby eliminating the need to cut-up tablets and divide the contents of commercially prepared capsules… As manufacturers decide that certain products are no longer economically rewarding to market, the list of commercially prepared veterinary medication becomes smaller. At present, the armamentarium of medications available for animals is less than perfect. Cherry-flavored amoxicillin or orange-flavored cephalexin may not be [appealing to a cat or monkey]…”

Veterinary Forum October 2002, (pp. 62-65)

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Vet Compounding FAQ

What Compounding Pharmacy Medications for Pets Can We Prepare?

  • Flavoured medication
  • Medicine in ideal size, strength, and dosage form
  • Unavailable medications
  • Combinations to improve compliance
  • Novel devices and delivery systems

Compounding is actually a means to an end. We work together with veterinarians and their clients and patients to solve medication problems by compounding specialized medications that meet the unique needs of each animal – pets, exotics, horses, or zoo animals. Let us know how we can help you and the animals in your care.

What Does Custom Veterinary Compounding Offer?

Experience personalized care with Pace Pharmacy’s veterinary compounding. Tailoring medications for your pets’ unique needs, we exceed conventional solutions. From specialized dosages to unique flavors, our compounded medications for pets ensure comfort and wellness.

Are Pet Medications Available Without a Vet Prescription?

Pace Pharmacy understands your pets’ needs. While most pet medications require a vet prescription, we collaborate with veterinarians for comprehensive solutions. Our veterinary compounding pharmacy bridges the gap, ensuring tailored medications for your beloved companions’ well-being.

Does Pace Pharmacy Provide Vet Meds Nationwide Delivery?

Convenience extends with Pace Pharmacy’s widespread vet meds delivery service. Whether you’re in Canada (except Alberta), our veterinary compounding services reach far. Trust us to deliver compounded medications for pets, providing accessible care to your furry friends.

Why Choose Veterinary Compounding for Your Pets?

Elevate pets’ quality of life with veterinary compounding from Pace Pharmacy. Tailored to unique needs, our compounded medications for pets ensure comfort and effectiveness. Choose personalized solutions, from dosages to flavors, delivered by a dedicated pet compounding pharmacy near you.

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