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Central Fill Services

Central Fill Compounding Services (a service for other Pharmacies/Pharmacists)

Centralized prescription compounding is an effective method for other pharmacies to offer compounded preparations to their patients. This service lets you avoid referring out to another pharmacy, by working with Pace Pharmacy’s leading central fill services.  Pace Pharmacy is more than well equipped to prepare and package your sterile and non-sterile compound prescriptions.  In our NAPRA and OCP compliant facilities for hazardous and non-hazardous, sterile and non-sterile preparations, we can handle all the technical aspects of compounding for your patients. Then you are able to dispense the compounded preparation directly to your patients.

Let your patients access compounded medications with the help of Pace Pharmacy’s Central Fill Services.

Pace Pharmacy Central Fill Benefits

  • Cost savings to Pharmacies
    • You save on the cost of ingredients, training, time, and equipment.
    • Maintain the relationship with your patients
    • Offer a desirable service to your patients
    • Offer extreme convenience to your patients
    • Let Pace Pharmacy take on the responsibility of compounding
    • Trust that Pace Pharmacy will continue to support you and your patients via central fill compounding

If you want to learn more about our centralized prescription filling services, or if you want to sign up as a Central Fill compounding partner, please contact us!

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