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Podiatry Compounding


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Podiatrists and other health care professionals encounter numerous problems that may be helped with compounded medications.

We commonly prepare unique formulations that prescribers develop to meet specific needs of their patient population, or “tried and true” formulas acquired during professional training. Penetrant enhancers can be added to improve the extent of absorption of topically applied medications. Numerous compatible medications can be combined into a single dosage form for ease of administration. Also, a synergistic effect can be achieved when certain medications are used concomitantly.

What Is Podiatry Compounding?

Podiatry compounding at Pace Pharmacy is a specialized approach tailored to meet the unique needs of podiatric patients. Our expert compounding pharmacists collaborate closely with podiatrists to formulate personalized medications that address foot-related conditions that may not respond optimally to standard treatments. By customizing medications to specific patient needs, we aim to enhance treatment efficacy, minimize adverse effects, and promote overall foot health.

Working With Your Podiatrist

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Collaboration is key to effective podiatric care. We prioritize close cooperation with your podiatrist to develop tailored formulations that complement their treatment strategies. Through this partnership, our goal is to optimize treatment outcomes by providing precisely formulated medications that align with your podiatrist’s prescribed regimen.

What Can Podiatry Compounding Solutions Treat?

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Our podiatry compounding solutions cover a broad spectrum of foot-related conditions:

  1. Fungal Infections: Tailored anti-fungal therapies designed to combat persistent fungal infections effectively, addressing concerns like athlete’s foot or nail infections.
  2. Pain Management: Customized compounds to alleviate discomfort caused by arthritis, inflammation, diabetic neuropathy, or other podiatric pain syndromes.
  3. Wound Care Formulations: Specialized compounds formulated to facilitate and accelerate wound healing, addressing various podiatric injuries or conditions.

Types of Podiatry Compounding

Our podiatry compounding services encompass different categories:

  1. Anti-Fungal Therapy: Tailored medications addressing fungal infections effectively, including treatments for athlete’s foot or nail infections.
  2. Pain Management Solutions: Customized compounds addressing discomfort caused by arthritis, inflammation, or diabetic neuropathy, offering personalized relief for podiatric pain syndromes.
  3. Wound Care Formulations: Specialized compounds supporting healing and care for podiatric wounds, facilitating recovery and preventing complications.
  4. Precise Treatments: Targeted compounds addressing specific conditions like plantar warts, Molluscum contagiosum, or other dermatological concerns affecting the feet.

At Pace Pharmacy, our commitment is to provide podiatric patients with tailored medications that offer effective relief, support healing, and contribute to overall foot health.

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