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Collaborating with Dermatologists for Medication & Prescription Fulfillment


At Pace Pharmacy, we are a leading compounding pharmacy for dermatologists, specializing in custom-compounded and traditional prescription medications to address a wide range of skin conditions. As a dermatology specialty pharmacy, we recognize the unique needs of your patients and work closely with you to formulate personalized solutions. Our compounding dermatological products range from topical creams and ointments to oral medications, all tailored to meet your patients' specific requirements. With our efficient prescription process, reliable delivery, and expert pharmacist consultation, you can focus on providing top-notch care. Partner with Pace Pharmacy for a comprehensive medication fulfillment solution dedicated to the field of dermatology.

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Dermatologist Compounding FAQs

What sets Pace Pharmacy apart from other pharmacies in the dermatology field?

We specialize in custom compounding for dermatological needs. This means we can create unique formulations tailored to individual patient needs, adjusting dosage, base ingredients, and delivery methods. We also have extensive experience with hard-to-find or discontinued medications that may be essential for specific skin conditions. Our compounding facilities are highly sophisticated and the Pace Pharmacy team is highly trained in specialty compounding. 

How can Pace Pharmacy's compounding services benefit my patients?

Our compounding allows for personalized treatments not available in commercially manufactured products. This is particularly beneficial for patients with sensitivities or allergies, those who require specific dosages, or those with conditions that haven’t responded well to standard treatments. We can also formulate medications into different forms (creams, gels, capsules, etc.) to improve compliance and patient experience. Rest assured that since Pace Pharmacy specializes in compounding, we have all the equipment, ingredients, and staffing to meet your unique needs. 

Can Pace Pharmacy assist with complex or challenging prescriptions?

Absolutely. Our compounding pharmacists have extensive knowledge of dermatological formulations and are available to consult with you on complex cases. We can work together to develop unique solutions for your patients, ensuring they receive the most effective and appropriate medication for their specific needs.

How does Pace Pharmacy ensure the quality of its compounded medications?

We adhere to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our compounding lab uses state-of-the-art equipment and follows rigorous quality control procedures. We only source ingredients from reputable suppliers and conduct regular testing to ensure purity and potency. Your patients’ safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Can I get samples of compounded medications to evaluate before prescribing?

In certain cases, we can provide samples of compounded medications, subject to regulatory restrictions. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and see if samples might be available for the formulation you’re interested in.

How can I place an order for products to be used at my clinic?

Placing an order is simple!  Once you have your account setup, you can send us your requests via email, fax, or over the phone.  Then we will prepare your order and can inform you when it is ready to be picked up, or we will arrange for timely and professional delivery directly to your clinic!  Contact us today to request an account setup form, and you can even place your first order in the same email!

Will Pace Pharmacy work directly with my patients to provide education and support?

Yes, we offer patient education and support services, including counseling on medication use, potential side effects, and proper application techniques. We believe in empowering patients with knowledge to optimize their treatment and encourage their active participation in managing their skin conditions.

What else do I need to know about ordering from Pace Pharmacy?

Healthcare professionals acknowledge that: 1) Pace Pharmacy is not a manufacturer; and, 2) Compounded drug products may only be used within an established and valid patient-healthcare professional relationship; and, 3) Compounded products may never be re-sold to a third party; and, 4) Clinical appropriateness for every patient must be assessed and documented by the healthcare professional; and, 5) Pace Pharmacy is available to patients who have questions about or require counselling on products compounded by Pace Pharmacy.


Pace Pharmacy specializes in compounding. This means, if it needs to be compounded, Pace Pharmacy has the professionals, experience, and facility required to meet your needs.

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Pace Pharmacy’s mission is to provide people with their personalized health freedom formula by delivering unmatched customer service and quality products while abiding by and exceeding all applicable pharmacy standards. We promise to be your source of practical, beneficial and trustworthy pharmacy products, services, and education that will firmly contribute to your overall health.


We go the extra mile for the health of our patients.

We are always innovating and learning so that we continue to be the best.

We actively care and connect with people, for better health outcomes.

We foster freedom, and respect independence of people and thought.

We are the new Health Freedom Formula.

Pace Pharmacy And Compounding Experts is Home of the Health Freedom Formula

Pace Pharmacy is a specialty compounding pharmacy in Toronto, Ontario and Pace Pharmacy is Home of the Health Freedom Formula. Founder and CEO Adam Silvertown discusses how Pace Pharmacy came to be and what makes Pace Pharmacy different from their competition.

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