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Collaborating with Fertility Specialists for Medication & Prescription Fulfillment


At Pace Pharmacy, we understand the unique medication needs of fertility specialists and clinics. We are a leading compounding pharmacy for fertility specialists, working closely with you to ensure your patients receive the medications they need to achieve their family-building goals. We offer a comprehensive range of fertility meds online, including compounded and traditional prescription medications. Our goal is to support your patients' successful outcomes through personalized care and medication expertise.

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From hormone preparations like progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone to specialized formulations like DHEA and clomiphene capsules, we offer a comprehensive range of medications tailored to each patient’s specific needs. With our convenient fertility pharmacist consultations, streamlined prescription ordering process, and dedicated support, your practice can focus on providing top-notch care. Partner with Pace Pharmacy for a seamless medication fulfillment experience that puts your patients’ needs first.

Fertility Compounding FAQs

What types of medication can Pace Pharmacy dispense for fertility specialists?

Pace Pharmacy specializes in dispensing a wide range of medications essential for fertility treatments, including:

  • Hormone preparations: Progesterone (injections, suppositories), estrogen, testosterone, DHEA
  • Clomiphene capsules: For ovulation induction
  • Desiccated thyroid: For thyroid hormone support
  • Traditional Prescription Medications: We also work with your clinic to dispense any other prescription medications your patients may need.

Prescription medication ordering process for fertility specialists:

Our streamlined ordering process is designed for your convenience:

  • Contact: Reach out to us via phone or email.
  • Submit Prescription: Send us your patient’s prescription securely.
  • Verification: Our pharmacists will verify the prescription.
  • Preparation: We compound and/or dispense the medication with precision.
  • Delivery: We deliver directly to your clinic or patient’s home.

Do I need to set up an account to order to my clinic?

Yes, setting up an account will help expedite future orders and provide you with a personalized experience. The process is simple and secure.

How can fertility specialists submit a prescription?

You can submit prescriptions through:

  • E-Prescribing via Prescribe IT: Securely send electronic prescriptions directly to our pharmacy.
  • Fax: Fax prescriptions to our dedicated line.
  • Phone: Call us to provide prescription details.

Will Pace Pharmacy deliver to my practice?

Yes, we offer convenient delivery options to your practice, ensuring medications are readily available for your patients.

How do I send prescriptions to Pace Pharmacy for my patients?

The same submission methods apply to patient prescriptions. You can submit prescriptions on their behalf, and we will coordinate delivery directly to their homes.

Will Pace Pharmacy deliver to my patients?

Absolutely! We offer direct-to-patient delivery, making the process seamless for both you and your patients.


Pace Pharmacy specializes in compounding. This means, if it needs to be compounded, Pace Pharmacy has the professionals, experience, and facility required to meet your needs.

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Pace Pharmacy’s mission is to provide people with their personalized health freedom formula by delivering unmatched customer service and quality products while abiding by and exceeding all applicable pharmacy standards. We promise to be your source of practical, beneficial and trustworthy pharmacy products, services, and education that will firmly contribute to your overall health.


We go the extra mile for the health of our patients.

We are always innovating and learning so that we continue to be the best.

We actively care and connect with people, for better health outcomes.

We foster freedom, and respect independence of people and thought.

We are the new Health Freedom Formula.

Pace Pharmacy And Compounding Experts is Home of the Health Freedom Formula

Pace Pharmacy is a specialty compounding pharmacy in Toronto, Ontario and Pace Pharmacy is Home of the Health Freedom Formula. Founder and CEO Adam Silvertown discusses how Pace Pharmacy came to be and what makes Pace Pharmacy different from their competition.

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