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Expert Ophthalmic Compounding Pharmacy Services in Toronto



We prepare sterile compounding products including injections, ophthalmics and medications complying with OCP, NAPRA, and  USP specifications such as USP Chapter 797 and Chapter 800. 

Examples of sterile ophthalmic drops, ointments, sprays, injections and pre-op solutions include anesthetics, antibiotics, antioxidants, antivirals, cataract therapies, corticosteroids, ophthalmic decongestants, miotics, lubricants, and macular degeneration and nutritional support formulas.

Examples of preservative-free preparations include drops or sprays containing the following medications, alone or in combination:

  • Atropine
  • Acetylcysteine
  • Cyclopentolate
  • Homatropine
  • Phenylephrine
  • Scopolamine
  • Tetracaine
  • Glutathione

Ask us about combinations to meet specific needs or medications that are currently unavailable or have been discontinued for non-safety reasons (such as when a newer therapy reduces the need and therefore decreased use results in the medication no longer being profitable to manufacturer).

Expert Ophthalmic Compounding Pharmacy Services

Traditional eye drops may not always address your specific eye concerns. At Pace Pharmacy, we offer sterile ophthalmic compounding, allowing us to create customized eye drops, and solutions tailored to your unique needs and prescriptions. Whether you have allergies, or dry eyes, require post-surgical medication, or need a specific combination of medications unavailable commercially, our expert pharmacists can formulate the perfect solution for you.

Adhering to OCP, NAPRA, and USP Standards in Ophthalmic Compounding

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Your eye health is our top priority. That’s why we adhere to the strictest safety and quality standards. Our sterile compounding facilities are fully compliant with the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP), National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines, including Chapters <797> and <800>. This ensures your compounded medications are sterile, safe, and effective.

The Benefits of Choosing Preservative-Free Ophthalmic Preparations

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Many commercially available eye drops contain preservatives to extend their shelf life. However, these preservatives can irritate sensitive eyes and contribute to dry eye syndrome. In certain cases, our preservative-free ophthalmic compounds offer a gentler alternative, ideal for individuals with sensitive eyes or allergies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Pace Pharmacy for Your Ophthalmic Compounding Needs?

  • Highly experienced pharmacists: Our team of compounding pharmacists possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in formulating customized ophthalmic solutions.
  • State-of-the-art compounding facilities: We utilize advanced technology and equipment to ensure the sterility, accuracy, and quality of your compounded medications.
  • Wide range of medications: We can compound a variety of medications to address diverse eye conditions and needs.
  • Personalized approach: We work closely with you and your doctor to understand your specific requirements and create the optimal ophthalmic solution.
  • Convenient locations: We have multiple pharmacies conveniently located across Toronto, Ontario. Delivery is also available across Ontario.

What Types of Ophthalmic Compounds Does Pace Pharmacy Offer?

We offer a wide range of compounded ophthalmic medications, including:

  • Antibiotics: To treat bacterial infections of the eye.
  • Corticosteroids: To reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Antihistamines: To treat allergies and allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Miotics: To improve pupil function and manage glaucoma.
  • Lubricants: To soothe dry eyes.
  • Antioxidants: To protect against free radical damage and support eye health.
  • Custom combinations: We can combine various medications into a single solution for your specific needs.

How Does Pace Pharmacy Ensure the Quality of Its Ophthalmic Compounds?

We prioritize quality and safety in everything we do. Here’s how we ensure the quality of your compounded medications:

  • Strict adherence to regulatory standards: We follow all OCP, NAPRA, and USP guidelines.
  • Regular facility inspections: We undergo regular inspections by regulatory bodies to ensure compliance.
  • Rigorous testing procedures: We perform sterility testing, endotoxin testing, and other quality control measures on all compounded medications.
  • High-quality ingredients: We source our ingredients from reputable suppliers and adhere to strict quality specifications.

Can I Get a Customized Formula for My Ophthalmic Medication at Pace Pharmacy?

Absolutely! We encourage you to discuss your specific needs with our pharmacists. We can work with you and your doctor to develop a personalized formula that addresses your unique eye condition and preferences.

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