5 tips to staying healthy this fall

September 2, 2023

There are a lot of reasons to look forward to fall. Kids go back to school offering some of the benefits of routine and many workplaces return from the revolving door of vacations. Temperatures start to dip bringing the promise of winter sports, cozy nights and permission to slow down and hibernate a bit. In the backs of everyone’s minds is also one of the unwelcome aspects of fall – the creeping forward of cold and flu season. A healthy autumn isn’t entirely out of your control. Read on for tips as to how you can do your best to keep you and your family in tip-top shape, keeping in mind that your local pharmacy may have solutions to help you out. 


1. Wash your hands

After many recent years of this refrain, it continues to ring true. The science behind handwashing makes it one of the most proven, effective ways to prevent illness. Germs make people sick and proper handwashing gets rid of germs. It’s a no brainer. 

2. Prioritize sleep

Not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on almost every aspect of your health. While the optimal number of hours of sleep can vary from person to person, there is no question that a good night’s sleep is important for physical and mental health. If it means cutting back on commitments, stashing away the screens, turning in a little earlier or talking to your healthcare provider about sleep solutions, make sure you’re keeping sleep at the top of your mind when it comes to staying healthy.

3. Exercise

Another lifestyle ingredient that can encourage better sleep and overall health is exercise. Like sleep, exercise has multiple health benefits. Exercise improves energy levels and mood, and if you get sick, can prevent more serious outcomes. If you’re new to exercise, talk to your health care provider to find out what types of activities will be most beneficial and how to get started. 

4. Stay up to date on vaccines

Vaccines have been a huge topic in the news since 2019, but they’ve been an important part of disease prevention for over 200 years. Ontario provides a routine immunization schedule for kids, to ensure that all Ontarians can access what they need. There are also yearly recommendations on flu shot and Covid vaccines. Your pharmacy can be a great place to start on gathering information or booking appointments for seasonal vaccines. Talk to your pharmacist about what they can offer.  

5. Get your vitamins

As part of a healthy lifestyle and diet, ensuring you get your vitamins can keep your body and immune system functioning at its best. Sometimes a supplement may be required to meet your body’s needs. Shorter days on the horizon might mean you could use a boost of vitamin D or maybe you’re not getting enough iron in your diet. Talk to your pharmacist about next steps in understanding your body’s needs.  


Just remember, everyone gets sick and there is no such thing as the “perfect” lifestyle for preventing illness. Take care of yourself and talk to your pharmacist about how they can help you in staying healthy this fall. At Pace Pharmacy, we’re here to support you!   


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