Pace Pharmacy is compounding children's Tylenol

Children’s Tylenol and Advil are on backorder. So, we can make it for you!

November 11, 2022

With the recent shortages of children’s Tylenol and Advil, parents and caregivers as well as prescribers have been struggling to find medications commonly used to help treat fever and pain in children.  This has been an ongoing problem since the summer of 2022 and is likely to be a problem for several more weeks (possibly longer). Pace Pharmacy has not received any children’s Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil (ibuprofen) since this past summer.

So, what options are there if a child needs one of these medications?  Compounding. Pace Pharmacy has the ability and expertise to compound (or make) a version of liquid acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help patients get the treatment they need, when they need it.

The main thing to be aware of is the expiry date of these medications is relatively short.  With most fevers or acute pain episodes lasting only a few days or less, we have not seen this being an issue or concern.

How can you get Pace Pharmacy’s versions of children’s Tylenol or Advil if you need them for someone in your life?

  • You DO NOT need a prescription to obtain compounded liquid children’s Tylenol or Advil. But one of our pharmacists will ask some questions about the individual for whom the medication is intended.
  • Contact Pace Pharmacy and we will communicate with you about how long it will take to prepare an appropriate quantity of medication for the patient.
  • We utilize several couriers and have lots of options to deliver medication to you, wherever you are.


If you have any questions feel free to send us an email to or give us a call.  We are here to help during these unique and challenging situations.

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