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At Pace Pharmacy we do more than just “fill prescriptions” for our clients: consumers and medical professionals such as doctors, specialists, naturopaths, and more. The following reviews are posted  on Yellow Pages, Facebook, Google Plus G+ and Yelp.

Reviews  Posted on Google Plus

“I am a naturopath working with this pharmacy for the past 2 years and I can say that it’s been a pleasure. They are professional and quick to process my orders. I would recommend this pharmacy to any naturopath thinking of starting a professional relationship with a compounding pharmacy.” – Val Cremanaru

“Great neighbourhood pharmacy! Adam is knowledgeable and personable. I feel like a person vs. a wallet passing through!” – Name not posted

“Good location. Went in by random today. They are very new but have lots of products. Definitly a community pharmacy…but they also deliver.” – – Name not posted

“One of my favourite compound pharmacies in the city. A+ staff, great hours and excellent products. Very reliable and good last-minute service when we’re in a rush. Highly recommend.” Jean-Jacques Dugoua , Toronto


Facebook Review

“I have used Pace Pharmacy for several years. The owner and head pharmacist Adam is very knowledgeable and professional. They deliver quickly in the GTA. I would highly recommend them for your compounding needs.”  –  Holly Fennell, ND (Naturopathic Doctor), Toronto


Yellow Pages Review 

“ Best compounding pharmacy in Toronto, I’ve used a few of the so-called compounding pharmacies in Toronto over the years for various reasons. Pace Pharmacy is by far the best compounding pharmacy I have used. They are knowledgeable, offer amazing service, and their prices are very competitive.

I was short on time, and they offered to have my prescription couriered to my office, so I didn’t have to wait or return to the pharmacy a second time – this was amazing. Otherwise, there is parking right across the street so it’s easy to get to.” – Joeyc1414, Toronto

YELP Reviews

Pace pharmacy provides a high calibre of service. With their personalized approach, I am able to call and email my prescription order and get a response within minutes. They offer free delivery and can accommodate same day service. They can compound unique prescriptions that cannot be filled in mainstream pharmacies.”  –  Joshua S., Church-Wellesley Village

“ While Pace needs to do a little bit of light housekeeping around its entrance, I have to give it five stars.

My doctor prescribed a medicine that had to be made at a compounding pharmacy. I found Pace near downtown on Isabella between the Yonge and Wellsley stations.

They handled my medicine quicker than initially promised, they gave me excellent instructions, and they were simply as nice as could be. I was very pleased with my experience here.” – Braydon C., Toronto.

“Best pharmacy, best service ever. It’s a compound pharmacy so they can make whatever medication with a prescription. Awesome staff, really professional, really efficient reasonable prices. Always are in stock, if they don’t have something, they can order it. Love this pharmacy :)” – Alicia S., Toronto

“I was seeking out a compounding pharmacy, specifically, and Pace was close to work, and seemed to be well esteemed by other customers.  The pharmacists were very helpful, kind, and prompt. They gave me a timeline for when the medication would be ready, then called earlier than expected, which was fantastic.

The pharmacist whom I picked up the prescription from explained everything thoroughly, and also took the time to explain the benefits of calling my insurance company to explain the prescription to them prior to putting in my claim for a refund on the costs – very helpful.” – Betty O., Toronto

“Very personal, friendly and attentive staff. I needed special dosage for tapering off medication and they made sure I know how to take it and gave me lots of useful info to help me with the process. The preparation was fast as well.” – Siyi F, University of Toronto

“This is the best pharmacy I’ve ever used.  The staff are caring and professional and ensure you understand what you’re taking and what side effects if any may result.  While the aren’t open 24/7 they deliver for free, accept refill requests via email and respond back via email or call.  They quickly learn who new customers are and thier ability to compound drugs is amazing.

True specialists who can order quickly and care about thier clients.  I highly recommend Pace.  They go beyond the big pharmacies where your just a #.  At Pace you’re #1.” –  Allison E., Toronto

“Yup, I just confirmed it:  They fill regular prescriptions there just like other drug stores.  And its actually a pretty nice little place.” – Joey C., Toronto

Traditional pharmacy that breaks the mold of the common big-box drug stores found throughout Canada.  Service is great and the fact that their prices are the same as Shoppers and Rexall is great. “Supporting your local independent pharmacist should be something that everyone should do.  While Shoppers and Rexall’s have great deals when it comes to general consumer goods, their customer service does not compare to the level of service you receive from independent pharmacies like Pace.” – Luis H., Toronto.


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