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Pace Pharmacy is a group of independently-owned and operated specialty pharmacies located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Opening its first doors in the summer of 2010, Pace Pharmacy’s team quickly established itself as the premier compounding pharmacy in downtown Toronto.  Today, Pace Pharmacy serves patients and prescribers all across Canada.

We differentiate ourselves by always going above and beyond for our patients.  We have dedicated ourselves to providing our patients with the health freedom formula.  That is the possibilities that come with customized specialty compounding.  We have highly sophisticated pharmaceutical compounding laboratories dedicated to the art and science of compounding medication.  This allows us to meet the unique medication needs of all our patients based on their prescription.  We can make creams, ointments, capsules, lozenges, suppositories, eye drops, injections, tablets, powders, liquids, suspensions, sprays, and more!

Pace Pharmacy is unique compared to our competitors because we take the time to ensure our patients health is at the forefront of everything we do. We have standardized operating policies and procedures at all levels of our pharmacy to ensure safety of both patients and our employees is put first.

We go the extra mile for our patients and each other. We take pride in doing our very best every day. We come together to help solve patient issues as a team.

We are always learning, innovating, and training to be the best. We are always open to new ideas to support each other to learn and grow.  Pace invests in our people to always be learning.

We actively care and connect with people for better health outcomes. We improve the lives of our patients through providing a better pharmacy experience. We feel like a family of caring employees and we extend that caring feeling to our patients.

We foster freedom, and respect independence of people and thought. We take pride and accountability in our work; each of us contributing to positive outcomes for our patients. We treat people like people, in a place where all patients can feel accepted without judgement about themselves or their medical treatment choices.

Pace Pharmacy is home of the health freedom formula.


Pace Pharmacy specializes in compounding. This means, if it needs to be compounded, Pace Pharmacy has the professionals, experience, and facility required to meet your needs.

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    Adam Silvertown


  • Director of Pharmacy, Lily Goldsmith


    Lily Goldsmith

    Director of Pharmacy

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    Guihong Teng

    Pharmacy Manager

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    Michelle Zhou

    Pharmacy Manager


Pace Pharmacy’s mission is to provide people with their personalized health freedom formula by delivering unmatched customer service and quality products while exceeding all applicable pharmacy standards. We promise to be your source of practical, beneficial and trustworthy pharmacy education that will firmly contribute to your overall health.


We go the extra mile for the health of our patients.

We are always innovating and learning so that we continue to be the best.

We actively care and connect with people, for better health outcomes.

We foster freedom, and respect independence of people and thought.

We are the new Health Freedom Formula.

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